One of the most popular and loved guitars ever made is the Gibson guitar. A few years later in 1902, Orville started up the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Manufacturing Company.

Gibson sold mostly mandolins until the early 20’s when guitars started to gain in popularity. During these early stages of guitar production, Gibson came out with arch-top guitar designs and truss rod neck construction.

In 1952 the first Les Paul was introduced and the most famous Gibson guitar was born.

One of Gibson’s main competitors around this time was Epiphone Guitars. Most of the Epiphone guitars of today are the more economical versions of the Gibson guitar models.

In 1961, Gibson changed the design of the Les Paul model to a double cutaway design. Gibson then changed the name to the new double-cutaway model to the Gibson SG.

Gibson decided to open up a factory specifically for the production of the Les Paul guitars in 1974. This new home for Gibson was named “Gibson USA” and is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

By Johnny Stall

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