The Bassman was designed for the first mass-production electric bass, the Fender Precision Bass. In 1990 Fender began producing a reissue of the 1959 Bassman model 5F6A, known as the ’59 Bassman. The LTD version has a lacquered tweed covering and 4×10 inch Jensen speakers instead of the Eminence speakers used in the earlier ’59 Bassman reissue series.

In 2009, Fender introduced the latest reincarnation of the original late ’50s tweed Bassman amp, the Bassman TV series, which includes four sub-models such as the TV 10, TV Duo 10, TV 12 and TV 15. The evolution of the Bassman amplifier followed that of the Fender amplification line. Many famous amplifier manufacturers, including Marshall and Traynor, based their first batch of amplifiers upon the 5F6A Bassman, in examples such as Marshall’s JTM45 (a clone of Bassman, using British-equivalent parts), and Traynor’s YBA-1 (head form of Bassman).

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