The Fender Jazzmaster is an electric guitar that was first introduced at the 1958 NAMM Show and was designed as a more upmarket instrument than the Fender Stratocaster, which was originally to replace the Telecaster model.

The Jazzmaster also had an extra-longtremolo arm.

The body is larger than that of other Fender guitars, requiring a more spacious guitar case. The Jazzmaster had unique wide, white “soapbar” pickups that were unlike any other single coil. Jazzmaster pickups are often confused with Gibson’s P90 pickups. The Ventures and The Fireballs were prominent Jazzmaster users. The Jazzmaster also played a part in the Indorock scene, with guitarist Andy Tielman creating a 10-string Jazzmaster using a red-hot nail to burn holes for the extra tuning pegs in his Jazzmaster’s headstock. This marked the beginning of a long tradition of often-unusual DIY Jazzmaster modifications throughout the next decades.

Fender recognized the need for a purpose-designed surf-guitar, and introduced the 24″ scale Fender Jaguar, with a shorter scale, built-in mute, chrome decorations and more Strat-like pickups. The Jazzmaster was re-introduced in 1984 as a 1962 reissue model from Fender’s Japanese factory. In 2007 Fender announced plans for a ‘thin skin’ Jazzmaster reissue with vintage nitrocellulose finish.

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